Software Requirements Management Tools: Specifications, UML Use Case, User Stories, Business Analysis, User eXperience

Software Requirements Management Tools - Business Analysis, UML Use Case, Agile User Stories, Product Backlogs


This website presents open source and commercial tools that can be used to elicit, create and manage software requirements and user specifications using techniques like:
* Business analysis (BA) and business process modeling (BPM) to model the organizations processes or workflows
* Unified Modeling Language (UML) use cases, activity, sequence, object, state machine, interaction overview, communication and other UML diagrams that could lead to Model Driven Development and generate code
* Agile requirements with user stories, features, themes, epics, releases that can be managed in Scrum by a product owner using a product backlog management
* Product management and product roadmap tools that allow planning evolution of software product and manage product releases
* Methodologies integrating business analysis (BA) approaches like SSADM, Structured Analysis and Structured Design (SA/SD), ERD, IDEF, RUP, Merise, DSDM, Information Engineering, etc.
* Data modeling : entity-relationship diagrams (ERD), Bachman diagrams, etc.
* Prototyping approaches like Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Design Thinking, Design Sprints or LeanUX
* Domain Specific Languages (DSL) and Domain Specific Modeling (DSM)
* Decision tables and decision trees
* Behavior-driven Development (BDD) or Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) Agile requirements & testing approaches with a language like Gherkin and open source tools like Cucumber, Concordion or SpecFlow
* User eXperience (UX) with prototyping and mockup tools

Software Requirements Management Tools - Business Analysis, UML Use Case, Agile User Stories

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